Data Management

At DataCo we specialise in supporting upstream data across all E&P activities.

Our broad understanding of the E&P business combined with our deep technical expertise with data enables us to consistently deliver efficient high-quality services to our clients wherever you operate in the world. Working with most commercial and proprietary data technologies we believe that our standards and specialists are key to maximising the value from your data technology investments. We support large-scale transformational data programmes through to ongoing daily support services.

Our data management consulting service can provide you with some of the very best data management consultants available in the world today. In the solutions space, our consultants can provide technical advice on the design and delivery of your data management strategy and solutions on any scale ranging from a small Oil & Gas company up to the largest multi-national, NOC or Super Major. Our track record in data management solutions spans technology solutions through to data security, organisation design, risk assessments and regulatory compliance.
Our Corporate Data Management Service provides support to your substantial investment in acquired data and proprietary knowledge from a wide range of Oil & Gas operations. We are skilled in the generation of data standards, loading to corporate data stores and distribution of data from these stores to commonly used project data stores. We specialise in the management of data from the Upstream technical functions such as geological, geophysical, petrophysical, reservoir, production, drilling, completions, engineering, HSE and operations.
Our highly knowledgeable data managers can support your requirements for data integration across multiple repositories using connecting tools and presentation interfaces common across our industry. This holistic view onto your data provides insight into the true value of your information asset.
Our Data Quality improvement Process (QIP) is a flexible service from which our clients select the quality standards they require and skilled DataCo teams to deliver the data to those defined standards. We specialise in the search and retrieval of data from your range of data stores and from this assess the level of data quality, improve the quality and improve the delivery to these data stores. Our service is scalable meaning we can support tight deadlines that arise from events such as Regional Studies, New Ventures, Regulatory Audits, Mergers and Asset Acquisitions and changes in Technology such as Software. Our most commonly utilised QIP services are for Wellbore, Petrophysical, Seismic, GIS, Drilling and Production data.
Our Project Data Management service provides support for data held in your working or project data stores. We are specialists at loading data to all the commonly used data stores in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry and have a track record of supporting client’s proprietary data stores. We are skilled in the generation and deployment of data standards to improve the efficiency of your organisation. We can manipulate all the common data types and integrate data across multiple application and data stores. We specialise in the management of data from the Upstream technical functions such as geological, geophysical, petrophysical, reservoir, production, drilling, completions, engineering, HSE and operations.
We supply a broad range of skilled data managers to work with our clients in their offices. Our professional data managers have a range of capabilities from generalists in Upstream Oil and Gas through to specialists in Subsurface, Drilling, Engineering and Production data. Our data managers are there to support all of your data management requirements and can work with your existing bespoke standards, workflows and procedures. Where required we can develop new standards, workflows and procedures or simply improve on what’s in place, leveraging our individual and corporate expertise.

Our Data Managers are experienced hires and graduates with relevant Geoscience and Engineering degrees. We recognise the importance of context and hands-on experience when managing technical data and extracting the value from information. Our Wells and Seismic team are made up of geoscientists, often with experience in wireline engineering, seismic surveying or wellsite geology, providing high quality support to exploration and development teams. Our Documents and Records Managers have a diverse domain background, typically across the engineering Document Control, E&P and Compliance spectrum, to ensure we fully understand the challenges our clients face. Our Geospatial team range from professional surveyors, GIS specialists and remote sensing experts, who are recognised industry experts advising governments and E&P operators on best practise and governance.

A resource pool or service provision has access to the entire DataCo team which consists of:

  • Geologists, Geophysicists and Petrophysicts
  • Well and Seismic Data Managers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Reservoir Surveillance and Production Data Managers
  • Document Managers and Document Controllers
  • GIS specialists and surveyors
  • Geodetic consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Service Delivery Managers

Our merger and acquisition services specialise in the integration of data from one Oil & Gas company to another. This often involves the migration of scientific digital data across multiple software vendor applications and sometimes involves client’s proprietary applications. Our service ensures that the precision and accuracy of data during the migration process is preserved.

Our Data Room service provides our clients with a secure Data Room facility that can be hosted in your office facilities, our own office facilities or remotely. We specialise in hosting Data Rooms for New Venture Opportunities, Farm Ins and Farm Outs, Due-diligence Studies, Procurement and Tender Processes.

Our IQ Technologies are used to support large scale data clean-up services which rely on effective command and control of personnel, processes and quality. These proprietary technologies are essential for managing the interfaces with 3rd party software which can disrupt or corrupt data during a migration.
Our Physical Data Management service will help you get control of your physical data assets. Our services include data inventory audits where we will identify existing and missing data which will help you with your regulatory and joint venture responsibilities. We can identify where data needs to be retained and where data can be disposed therefore saving you money. We specialise in supporting consolidation of data from multiple warehouses, inventory management, office moves and office data amnesties and the integration of data post asset purchases or company mergers
Our training services provide clients with data management training that is focussed on the data rather than the technology that is used to store the data. We have an extensive training catalogue that we run in-house for clients so we can modify the content to include various materials unique to an individual client. Our training specialists are highly qualified and experienced professionals with a proven track record in their field within the Oil & Gas industry.

GeoRes Ltd is a sister company of DataCo, offering interpretation services for petrophysical data. These range from discrete well evaluations to full field studies applicable to Exploration, Development and Well Decommissioning.