Geospatial Management

With the ever increasing complexities associated with working within the oil & gas industry, good quality spatial data and information management is critical.

Our specialist team is available to help you recognise and manage the various categories of risk that exist with a particular focus on safety, integrity and commercial success. We recognise that quality spatial data is critical for ensuring you are operating within your licences and permits. When it comes to precision we are here to help ensure activities such as well placement, pipelines and geophysical surveys are accurate. With a range of professional surveyors, E&P GIS specialists and Remote Sensing experts we have the capacity and capability to provide all the core Geospatial services you will need.

Our GIS specialists are available to manage all aspects of your Geodatabases. We are skilled in the loading of all E&P data and information types. From the subsurface, we manage leads, prospects, fields, wells, seismic navigation and all geophysical surveys. From the subsea, we manage pipelines, risers, water depths, bathymetry and more. And on the surface, we manage all facilities, vessels, marine and land rigs, permits, leases and licences.

Our professional surveyors are available to assist with all aspects of E&P survey requirements. Whether you are designing a new seismic survey, planning a Well location or a full field development, our surveyors are available to ensure your data and information is accurate. We will help you avoid the potential safety, environmental and commercial issues that can occur when spatial information is mismanaged.

Our GIS specialists are available to work within your organisation on a regular basis. We can provide a broad range of services or deep expertise in a particular area.

Our Data Managers are experienced hires and graduates with relevant Geoscience and Engineering degrees. We recognise the importance of context and hands-on experience when managing technical data and extracting the value from information. Our Wells and Seismic team are made up of geoscientists, often with experience in wireline engineering, seismic surveying or wellsite geology, providing high quality support to exploration and development teams. Our Documents and Records Managers have a diverse domain background, typically across the engineering Document Control, E&P and Compliance spectrum, to ensure we fully understand the challenges our clients face. Our Geospatial team range from professional surveyors, GIS specialists and remote sensing experts, who are recognised industry experts advising governments and E&P operators on best practise and governance.

A resource pool or service provision has access to the entire DataCo team which consists of:

  • Geologists, Geophysicists and Petrophysicts
  • Well and Seismic Data Managers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Reservoir Surveillance and Production Data Managers
  • Document Managers and Document Controllers
  • GIS specialists and surveyors
  • Geodetic consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Service Delivery Managers

Our GIS and Survey specialists can manage all aspects of Datum and CRS transformations. We specialise in managing large scale government mandated or modernisation datum transformations as well as managing the large scale transfer of data and information from one software application to another.

Our GIS specialists can manage all aspects of integrating publically available data from national data repository or regulator portals so that you have the confidence that the latest data is always available to you whatever software applications you are using.

Our GIS specialists can manage the development of new GIS solutions to meet your bespoke requirements. From simple GIS solutions for a new office through to complex integration of information from multiple sources into a GIS portal. We manage all E&P spatial data from the surface, subsea and subsurface as well as integration with HR, Finance and HSE information. We support the traditional solutions as well as modern web and mobile mapping solutions.