Information Management

At DataCo we specialise in supporting Information across all E&P activities.

We believe providing quick and easy access to good quality information is essential for safe and efficient operations. Working with this principle, our team of specialists has the capability and capacity to support your information management goals wherever you operate in the world. Our ability to work with most common software technologies combined with our extensive track record with leading international Oil & Gas companies makes us a sensible choice for supporting your information management needs.

Our highly experienced team can assist you with all aspects of your Document Management requirements. When engaged early we can assist you in selecting the optimal combination of technology, standards, roles and responsibilities that will provide strong foundations for success. If you have already selected your solution, then we have the capability and global capacity to help you implement your solution successfully. Having worked with many Oil & Gas companies in this space, we know what it takes to build a successful solution and when using our templates and standards as a starting point you will have a significant head start towards your goals.

Our Document Control services provide you with a range of options for managing your documents and records including Major Engineering Projects, internal Management Systems and Corporate company-wide services. Our specialist document controllers can work with you from within your organisation to provide services that follow your existing procedures. Additionally, we can develop high-quality standards and procedures covering templates, transmittals, approvals, retention and much more.

Our specialist team can take care of all your information clean-up requirements ranging from a simple clean-up of your NT share drive through to a complete overhaul of your company-wide document management system. Our extensive experience in this field enables us to deliver this service with greater speed and accuracy than if you were performing a similar task yourself for the first time. A strong focus on removing duplicate files, retaining version history, permissions and crucial metadata adds additional quality to our service.

Our Information Management specialists will work with you to develop the information management standards and procedures to promote greater efficiency within your organisation, reduce the risks associated with poor information management and promote compliance with regulatory requirements. We can help you secure your sensitive technical and commercial information, improve access to business critical information to those that need it and help you retain the information needed for compliance with regulatory bodies wherever you operate in the world.

Our DataCo IQ Technologies are specialist information management tools developed by our internal experts and created to make document manipulation quicker and easier within the Upstream Oil & Gas industry. Configured with specialist industry taxonomies and fine-tuned to your specific requirements we can clean up information, migrate information and quality control information significantly quicker than using typical manual and generic techniques. Our IQ tools and methodologies complement all of our information management services.

DataCo has extensive experience in all aspects of hardcopy documents and records management. This experience allows us to offer company-wide records management audits which will help form the basis of a Document Management Framework. DataCo can help you to reduce third party costs by reviewing existing storage providers and performing assessments to highlight potential cost efficiencies or by creating retention schedules to help rationalise your hardcopy holdings. We can also improve your hardcopy catalogues to enable effective integration with your EDMS.

We understand the time and effort when moving offices, whether an organisational restructure or moving to new premises. We can perform a data amnesty to ascertain on-floor data holdings and help you maximise your office storage space. We can also provide guidance and management services for document scanning, archiving and hardcopy disposal.

As a vendor-neutral service company, we are able to migrate documents to and from most commercial document management systems. We have experience working with most of the common systems and can therefore rapidly develop the migration process and migrate the information quickly whilst ensuring the original quality is retained.

We have an extensive and high-quality collection of Oil & Gas taxonomies that we can use to help you develop your information management solutions. Our taxonomies include a fully defined deep level filing structure relevant across the entire Upstream Oil & Gas business through to a comprehensive list of metadata attributes. Our taxonomies have been refined over a long period of time and represent hundreds of hours of input from relevant professionals working within the industry.

Searching for and retrieving information is typically a time-consuming task for professionals within an Oil & Gas company. The DataCo information mining service can be used for larger scale search and retrieval requirements such as re-entering an Oil & Gas project or province. Our services include searching the archives as well as online systems and include verification of the origin and quality of information when it is required.

Organisations generate vast quantities of information and knowledge on a daily basis. Our specialists can help you identify the knowledge so it can be secured and published in the appropriate manner for your organisation to realise maximum benefit. Benefits include eliminating duplicate work through to making knowledge available so your organisation can continuously learn and make decisions based on all the internal knowledge being available.

Our Data Managers are experienced hires and graduates with relevant Geoscience and Engineering degrees. We recognise the importance of context and hands-on experience when managing technical data and extracting the value from information. Our Wells and Seismic team are made up of geoscientists, often with experience in wireline engineering, seismic surveying or wellsite geology, providing high quality support to exploration and development teams. Our Documents and Records Managers have a diverse domain background, typically across the engineering Document Control, E&P and Compliance spectrum, to ensure we fully understand the challenges our clients face. Our Geospatial team range from professional surveyors, GIS specialists and remote sensing experts, who are recognised industry experts advising governments and E&P operators on best practise and governance.

A resource pool or service provision has access to the entire DataCo team which consists of:

  • Geologists, Geophysicists and Petrophysicts
  • Well and Seismic Data Managers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Reservoir Surveillance and Production Data Managers
  • Document Managers and Document Controllers
  • GIS specialists and surveyors
  • Geodetic consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Service Delivery Managers