Software Support and Specialist IT

E&P Data and Information often requires a combination of specialist software, support and IT to unlock the value to your business.

Our team of specialists in this area have the experience to support all of your needs wherever you operate in the world. Whether you are looking to deploy a new software application or overhaul your entire software portfolio, we have the skills, experience and track record to help you deliver a successful project. With your software applications fully deployed our specialists provide ongoing support and improvements that will enable your workforce to deliver their goals with greater efficiency.

Our application support specialists have broad experience in supporting the Oil & Gas industry’s common software applications from Subsurface to Drilling and Engineering. Being a vendor-neutral organisation we can support your applications portfolio when it is comprised of applications from multiple software vendors. Additionally, we provide support to some of our client’s proprietary applications, therefore providing support for your entire applications portfolio.

Our workflow support specialists have broad experience in specialist Oil & Gas technical workflows and the common software applications used to deliver these workflows. Our specialists can provide workflow advice services to organisations that specialise in using applications from a single vendor or from workflows that require using applications from multiple vendors. We also support complex multi-disciplinary workflows that span technical domains such as well planning, involving Subsurface and Drilling.

Our technical applications consultants can assist you in assessing and reviewing your applications portfolio. This will allow you to identify opportunities for replacing existing applications with alternatives that are newer, cheaper or have stronger functionality. We can analyse your entire applications portfolio to identify applications with duplicate functionality and make recommendations to remove or retire applications from use so that software maintenance costs can be reduced.

Our experienced database administrators are familiar with the common industry databases supplied from well-known vendors in the Subsurface, Drilling and Production domains. We provide ongoing regular or ad-hoc support to ensure your valuable databases are managed with the optimal configuration for performance, stability and security. We handle all major and minor upgrade requirements. When planning for new database deployments our database architects can provide you with the necessary design documentation to feed into your IT deployment plans.

Our Data Managers are experienced hires and graduates with relevant Geoscience and Engineering degrees. We recognise the importance of context and hands-on experience when managing technical data and extracting the value from information. Our Wells and Seismic team are made up of geoscientists, often with experience in wireline engineering, seismic surveying or wellsite geology, providing high quality support to exploration and development teams. Our Documents and Records Managers have a diverse domain background, typically across the engineering Document Control, E&P and Compliance spectrum, to ensure we fully understand the challenges our clients face. Our Geospatial team range from professional surveyors, GIS specialists and remote sensing experts, who are recognised industry experts advising governments and E&P operators on best practise and governance.

A resource pool or service provision has access to the entire DataCo team which consists of:

  • Geologists, Geophysicists and Petrophysicts
  • Well and Seismic Data Managers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Reservoir Surveillance and Production Data Managers
  • Document Managers and Document Controllers
  • GIS specialists and surveyors
  • Geodetic consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Service Delivery Managers

We have significant capability and experience in managing or supporting major application upgrades through to large scale changes to application portfolios. Our vendor agnostic status means we can support major changes involving replacing one major software vendor’s applications with another. We take care of everything including the new data landscape design, the data migration and QA, project and change management and user training. Our IQ technologies can be used to bridge the gaps that exist when migrating data from one vendor’s software to another.

Our technical specialists can support your technical workstation from its initial design through to troubleshooting issues and optimising performance. We use performance benchmarking data as a baseline for building your workstation performance to the right level giving you options to increase performance based on individual components. We will advise you on the best options for integrating your workstation into the corporate IT environment looking at standard operating systems, networks, backup and storage integration.

Our experienced staff have typically worked within Oil and Gas companies as well as software vendors. This gives us an insight into vendor relations, whereby we can work with you to ensure your relationship is optimised with clear line of sight between maintenance and support payments and received benefits. Our vendor agnostic status enables us to represent your best interests with no bias for any particular software vendor.

We can manage all of your technical application deployment needs. We manage the versioning of all applications so that we minimise the risk of deploying version upgrades that either don’t work or break something with an integration dependency. When it comes to installation and deployment we can either install and configure applications for individual workstations or create an application package for deployment to multiple workstations.